Don’t compare your self to others.

With regards to getting healthy and improving your physical shape, it’s wise not to compare yourself to others. You will be setting yourself up for disappointment and frustration. We often get caught up in the mindset that we can look like our favorite celebrities, athletes and others who possess great physiques. ¬†While it is good to strive to be better in all aspects of our lives and while looking up to people who have accomplished what we want for our selves can be a good motivator, we must remember to keep things in perspective.

People in great physical shape and fitness have devoted a lot of time and energy in developing their bodies and their craft. In most cases it’s a way of life for them. Improving their fitness and keeping their bodies in shape is a job for bodybuilders, actors, celebrities, personal trainers and athletes . So in most cases the condition of their bodies is a by-product of the work they do. Some have also gone to extreme lengths to get their bodies to the level that it is, which could not have been accomplished by natural means.

The average persons daily life is not consumed by most things fitness related. Life gets in the way as most of us have a family life, a day job, school etc. We might be able to carve out a few hours a week directed at our personal health and fitness which is good, but it’s no comparison to people whose jobs, careers, and sport are fitness related. This is not to say that people in fitness careers don’t have a life and family to balance just like the rest of us, but their way of life is just more conducive to accomplishing good health and fitness goals along with a great physical shape most of us strive for. This is also not to say that the average person can’t achieve exceptional health and fitness along with a great physical shape, but it may take us longer and be a bit more difficult to achieve as we may not have the time and resources necessary to accomplish it in the same manner as someone who’s into bodybuilding, professional sport, acting, personal fitness training etc.

So it is wise to compare yourself to your old self. If you are better today in body and mind, than you were a few months ago, then you are being the best “you” you can be. So you may look back a few years from now and realize that by striving to be the best “you” everyday, you are now the one with good health and fitness along with a good physical shape that is admired by others.