What’s your identity?

With the holiday season coming to an end and the new year approaching, this is the time all those weight loss resolutions start popping up out of the wood work. But the questions remains, are these resolution makers serious, or is it something they do at this time of year out of habit? What a lot of people don’t understand is: there is an IDENTITY that needs to be developed to make weight loss a lifestyle change and not a temporary resolution.

The fact that a lot of people have been overweight or lack physical fitness for most of their lives, this is now there identity. This is one reason why many are not successful with weight loss, for they feel like they would lose part of who they have been for so long, so they never really try hard enough. Change is hard and scary, so many just shy away from it. They may desire weight loss and to be healthier but losing one’s identity can be the biggest obstacle to overcome.

When people say things like, ” I am big boned and it runs in my family” or ” I will never be a certain size as (insert ethnic group) are not meant to be smaller”, clearly shows what one identifies with and changing that will be changing who they are. But nothing is further from the truth. The truth is, changing or improving your physical attributes does not change who you are, but it changes the perception and belief that weight loss can’t happen for everyone.

To be successful at weight loss and make it a lifestyle change, one must eat right and exercise on a consistent basis. This has to be your new IDENTITY, meaning it’s something you do consistently as part of your life. There is no way around it! So if your new years resolution is to lose weight and get into better shape as a lifestyle change, make sure your identity matches the process that will help you achieve those goals. Don’t hold on to an old identity and expect a new body!   




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