Got abs?

I don’t do direct ab exercises. Most exercises we do involves the core and abs. So it’s worked indirectly to some extent. If you have been working out or involved in some sport or physical activity for several years, most likely you will have some degree of abdominal development. The problem is most of us can’t see that ab development because it’s hidden under a layer of fat. One must be lean enough to see what lies beneath. It’s when you’re lean enough you can then include more direct ab work to make the ab muscles more pronounced or bigger if that’s your desire.

The saying, “abs are made in the kitchen” simple means eating less or eating clean to reduce your body fat levels in order to reveal them. Doing endless crunches or sit ups in hope of burning off your belly fat is a waste of time and energy in my opinion. All that does is improve your endurance in those exercises with nothing to show for it if you don’t address the diet side of the equation.

Remember you can’t spot reduce. So if you want abs be prepared to lose body fat on other parts of your body also. The belly fat may be the last to go based on your fat distribution patterns. But don’t despair, you will be re-composing your entire body in the process and with a consistent and balanced fitness routine and diet, you will like the results.


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