It is what it is.

A man should look for “what is” and not for what he thinks “should be”. Every few years there tend to be a fitness craze that sweeps the nation that people will move towards. Many in today’s society are desperate for the next new thing or workout program that can finally make them lose the weight they struggled with getting off for so long. As nothing in life is free, they fork out their hard earned money and get on the latest fitness wagon.

Over the years I have heard a constant sentiment from people who partake in these fitness activities. When I ask about their satisfaction and results from their workout programs, they often say, they did not get the results they expected but “it’s fun and easy”. The human body improves by forcing it to change through challenging physical exercise along with proper nutrition and fun and easy don’t create that change most of the time.  You look at the shape and health they are in after years of doing the same fun workout programs, and it’s obvious that it’s not working for them, as they look the same as when they first started.  Why do the same things in regards to getting in shape and losing weight year in and year out and expect different results?

There is a belief by many that losing weight and getting in shape through diet and exercise should be fun and easy. Although making exercise fun is necessary for some when it comes to consistency, everything that is fun may not give you the results you are looking for. Losing weight and getting in shape is a simple concept, but is it easy? The truth is, it’s not easy. It takes hard work. Losing weight is about being in a calorie deficit. How many of us are willing to eat less for any length of time until we see our body fat percentage decrease? Shaping the body and improving overall fitness is about resistance training with a mix of cardiovascular work. How many of us are willing to add resistance training to the fun cardiovascular workouts  we already do? How many of us are willing to do more challenging cardiovascular work?

I often hear many complain that resistance training is boring and it’s hard, hence most travel the path of least resistance.  Anything worth having or accomplishing in life takes effort , hard work, and getting in shape and being healthy is no exception. True results exist outside your comfort zone. Do you want results you can see and feel or do you want to get better at doing fun fitness activities? You decide.


2 thoughts on “It is what it is.

  1. I love zumba, and you know not everybody wants to have big muscles just wants to be fit – for that zumba and any types of yoga or martial arts is fantastic 🙂

    • Nothing is wrong with doing zumba or any other exercise routines for that matter. Just be realistic about the results you can get from said activities. And you don’t have enough testosterone as a woman to get big muscles naturally. That’s a mis-conception a lot of women have hence they dismiss resistance training.

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