The Golden Ratio

When we talk about losing weight or getting into shape, most of us have an ideal image of what that look is like. A little over a year ago I did an Adonis Index contest. It’s basically a men’s physique contest. The nice thing about that contest was the fact it was about the average guy trying to get into the best shape he can. We were not bodybuilders or athletes but just regular gym goers and fitness enthusiasts. I placed second in that contest.

While most of us have that ideal image we want for ourselves, often times we are not sure how to get there. We think maybe it’s just a matter of losing weight, or simply adding muscle. Although we maybe able to achieve these goals over time we may still be dissatisfied with our look. The truth of the matter is, these goals were not defined target goals to begin with. What we are after is actually the Golden Ratio. It is the shoulder to waist ratio of 1:1.618 for men. The same ratio applies to women, except they also have a height to waist and a waist to hip ratio to take into consideration.

The Golden Ratio is what most humans perceive as attractive. It’s like noticing someone in a crowd who just stands out simple because they look good. We may not be able to pin point what it is that makes that person stand out, but the truth is our eyes have a natural ability to recognize attractive bodies, objects, art and abstract elements. There in lies the Golden Ratio.

Although I was not the biggest guy in the contest, my ratio was approximately 1: 1.58 in those photos, which was good enough for a 2nd place finish. I am still a work in progress and hopefully one day I will hit my true Golden Ratio or get as close to it as possible. So the end game is about body proportions and not just bigger muscles, bigger size or extreme leanness. It’s a look that is just right.


4 thoughts on “The Golden Ratio

  1. Insightful article, Kidafi.
    I, too, followed the same path you mentioned and placed second in my division of that same contest.
    However, in my personal experience, the pursuit of the golden ratio alone was not sufficient to get me to my goal.
    It wasn’t until I learned how to make the process of training thoroughly enjoyable, that I began to realize my physical goals. Once my focus shifted to maximizing the inner experience during my work outs, the physical goals seemed to naturally take care of themselves.
    As a result, I found a way to make my training sustainable and that, to me, is the best reward. It’s like having your cake and eating it too.

    • Thanks Joe.
      I appreciate your insights. I understand exactly where you are coming from. There is a saying, “you can’t be committed to results if you are not committed to the process.” This is something I learned over the years of my training and workouts. I just wanted to inform readers that there is actually a defined goal that one can aim for. We all may not be able to reach it but we will be so much ahead of the curve just by moving in that direction. I will get into the details of process in a later post.


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